Ark Survival Evolved for PVE Builders
or Ark Survival Evolved for PVP

PVE BUILDER STEPS: PVE Subscribe to Mods, Read Rules, Get Starter Kit, Learn About Death Recovery & Dino Tracker | Join PVE Discord
PVP STEPS: PVP Rules | Join PVP Discord

[PC Server] PVE for Builders - 6-Map Cluster Unofficial.
Builder Challenges. Family Friendly. Boosted Stats. All Engrams.
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PVE Cluster Maps:
Aberration - Dino Transfers and Flyers Allowed
Crystal Isles
Scorched Earth
+ PVP 3-Map Cluster
+ PVP Event Server
PVE Mods!
Castles, Keeps & Forts Medieval Architecture
Advanced Rafts - more than just boats!
Auction House - world-wide trade
Automated Ark - souped up kitchen appliances
Awesome Teleporters - Every base is given one. Has built-in Dino Tracker and Death Recovery too!
Classic Flyers - Dinos have speed and walk backwards!
Jurassic Park Expansion - more dinosaurs
Kibble Table: Craft Station - no kibble farming
Pimp My Home - we do live with alien high-technology, so why not?
Pimp My Home Building Parts - Think modern!
Platforms Plus - because we like living in trees!
SELMods - Spyglass, Binocs, Scopes & Tranqs
StackMeMore - Increased stacks in inventory
Structures Plus (S+) - appliances, building materials & more
Utilities Plus - reusable grappling hook, parachute, bola, flare gun, spear, & ultimate spyglass
Eco's Aberration Decor
Eco in Wonderland
Eco's Garden Decor
Eco's RP Decor
Eco's Shoppe Decor
Iso: Crystal Isles - our 6th map!
PVE Loaded Starter Kit
Level 1500 pteranadon. (Normal wilds are 300.)
Awesome teleporter pad & remote.
S+ Transmitter
Materials for 9 foundation, 2 story CKF Keep Building.
Armor, weapons, jerky, water jugs, reusable stuff!
Beginning level Kitchen Appliances and much more!
PVE Boosted Stats
All Engrams Available
S+ Tek Engrams Unlocked without doing Boss Fights
See Config Settings
[PC Server] PVPvE 3-Map Cluster Unofficial.
Family Friendly. Slightly boosted. Extra Engrams.
Put PVE in your tribe name until you're ready to PVP.
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PVP Cluster Maps:
+ 6-Map PVE Cluster!
+ PVP Event Server

PVP Mods!
Structures Plus
Classic Flyers
Utilities Plus
Kibble Table (no kibble farms!)
Community Events
Win Prizes for participating in our Community Events!
PVP Event Server:
Base Building & Raid
Village Death Match
Frog Race
Kangaroo Race
Parkour Race
PVP Arena
PVE Map Events:
Builder & Base Challenges - win up to 6 prizes per build
Group Boss Fights - all gear, dinos, artifacts provided
PVP Map Events:
Boss Fights
Hidden Base Raid - find and raid the hidden bases
Dedicated Server
Intel Xeon Dual Hex Core CPU's / X5675 3.07 GHZ
2 processors / 1 12 Cores / 24 Threads
1 x 300GB SSD