Our Mods

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PVPers Love to Build Too! No more ugly boxes!

Castles, Keeps and Forts Medieval Architecture

Build bridges without foundations!

Structures Plus (S+)

We love glass walls and round buildings!!

Eco's Mods

Eco in Wonderland • Eco's Garden Decor • EcoTrees • Eco's RP Decor • Eco's Shoppe Decor

Advanced Rafts

Chandeliers attach to Castle Ceilings! Lovely! Boats reverse.

Reusable Plus

One parachute, one grappling hook, one spear, one flare gun, one bola and we're good to go!


Let's clear up that inventory and stack more items!

Classic Flyers

Walk backwards and give those flyers some speed!

Awesome Teleporters

Quick Travel to key map areas.

Kibble Table

No more kibble farms!

Death Recovery

It's no fun if you lose all your inventory.

Dino Tracker

It's no fun if you lose your bird!