BLAM Ark Survival Evolved

We all love a little PVP! Events to satisfy your Blood Lust!

Prizes awarded to all participants and a grand prize for our first place winner!
Center PVP Event Server - Everyone logs in naked at level 1. Supplies provided. | steam://connect/

ParaParkour Challenge
• Players parkour and parachute to the finish line with checkpoints along the way.
• Parachutes and Sleeping Bags are provided.
• Prizes awarded to all participants on your own server if you have the Auction House mod. Or use our Events for your server outings and reward prizes when you return to your server.
• Are you up for the challenge? Contact me to schedule an Event Day/Time for your Tribe or Server.
• Or you may optionally join one of our Cluster Servers and receive your prizes there. Ask me about our PVP Arena event too!

I built this parkour challenge. It has observation decks for those who want to watch, without doing it. It has hard-core mode for those who like a challenge. And easy-mode for those, like me, who aren't good at parkour. I provide the parachutes and food and water and sleeping bags. There are checkpoints where you can set down another sleeping bag to not have to start over if you die. After a certain point of parkour, there are parachute drop points where you have to parachute down to a new level.
PVP Arena Event
• There is a red team and a blue team, each from 1 to 5 players. Weapons and armor are provided.
• 3 Sleeping Bags per person are provided for respawns. Once you have used your last bag you may spectate.
Teams must create a tribe named either "Red" or "Blue"
• There are 7 red chests and 7 blue chests. Each team must go through the obstacle course of fire, spitters, water traps, piranhas, sharks, parkour, terror birds, and more to make their way to their chest. Take the token out of your chest and put it on your team's shelf.
• The team who gets all their tokens first wins. If all run out of sleeping bags before all the tokens have been obtained, the team with the most tokens wins.
• You may steal armor and weapons off of the dead bodies.
• You may NOT go near the other team's shelf or doors.
• You may not camp inside your team's entry room. You must be participating.
• We will not stall the game for those who disconnect or have other game problems. Once the match has started, it will proceed whether you are having problems or not.
• All participants will be able to select a prize from a particpant prize list.
• Winning tribe members will be able to select from a winning prize list.
• Last men or women standing from the winning tribe after a win, will be able to select from a "last man standing" prize list.
• If you play on our cluster servers the prizes will be give to you on the server of your choice.
• If you don't play on our cluster servers, but wish to participate in the fun events, as long as the server you play on has an Auction House, we can send your prizes to you via the Auction House.