Step 1 - Subscribe to our PVE Builder Mods

- Subscribe to All of Our Mods - It takes roughly 30 minutes, depending on your internet and hardware, to initially load all of our mods. After subscribing, load Steam > Ark play - without going to a connection. While it's loading (and it will appear to be hung up, but be patient), read all the information below.

Step 2 - Read Server Rules

- This is a family-friendly website. Vulgar names in Discord or ARK are not allowed. Don't apply with one.
- Please send comments via our Discord channels, rather than private messaging admins.
- No hacking or cheating (bots, etc.)
- No swearing, spamming, perversion, racism, sexism, sexual discussions, talk of suicide, or religious arguments. This includes in discord or game text or voice chats.
- Keep discussions wholesome, upbeat and positive. Be mature.
- We do not replace lost or damaged items. ARK is buggy, it crashes, it's gone -- whether pets or items. Uploads to the obelisk have a 24 hour timer.
- No whining. No drama.
- No demanding changes or asking admins to spawn in items or dinos.
- You must use the same ONE player on all maps of a cluster, using the cluster to traverse maps, not logging in directly.
- To avoid lag, use the Kibble Table rather than Kibble Farms. Kibble Farms are not allowed. We have a 200 max dino limit per tribe - but that's only for large tribes so they can divide up the tames. If you are a one-person tribe, please don't tame that many. Sell them on the Auction House if you can't bear to kill them.

Step 3 - Absolutely NO Auto-Breeding Allowed

Auto-breeding is where you leave your tames on wander to breed unsupervised. Admins will zap your wandering tames and your claimable babies. Admins may just destroy your entire base/tames everything if you have been gone and left your tames on auto-breeding. We consider this griefing! This super lags the server and kicks people out of the game flying in that area of the map. When it gets a few days into it, it crashes the entire server.

Step 4 - Get Your Starter Kits, Awesome Teleporters

WHERE IS IT: On our maps, there are Starter Kit and Safe House/Auction House areas. On every server if you spawn into the easy area, you can run along and run into a safe house with a teleporter. A teleporter is at each obelisk as well. Find a teleporter and go to the "Starter Kit" or "Auction Safe House" (if you don't see a label for Starter Kit) area.

WHAT IS IT: Starter Kits consist of a level 1500 ptera with gear, food, water, weapon, building materials for a 6x foundation round house, and many more goodies in the inventory. (Our normal wild dino max level is 300). They are spayed or neutered. They are painted.

FREE VAULT GOODIES: In the starter kit areas, there are vaults that are unlocked with awesome teleporter pads, remote controls, dino trackers, tek transmitter, etc. Please take what you need only.

HOW MANY: You get ONE starter get to use on all 6 maps. Not 6 kits.

UPLOAD TO OBELISK: To upload your dino to an OB, don't forget to remove its inventory and saddle, or you will lose it. Uploading to an obelisk will remove the Dino Tracker, so bring extras in your inventory to feed when you land.

If you are new to using an Obelisk to transfer yourself or dinos please see: Obelisk

TAXIS: There are also "taxis" that you can borrow if you don't want to upload your bird to a map. Just claim it, use it, return it where you found it BEFORE you log out, unclaim it.

DEAD BIRD: If your bird dies, you may replace it with another kit, just announce in discord that you didn't take good care of your pet and you got it killed and had to claim another one. ;) But seriously. Yes, do it.

Step 5 - Tribes and Abandonment

You MUST create or join a tribe. Use "I" to create your own tribe if you want to play alone. If you intend to find a tribe, still create your own tribe and merge it later.

Although we have no intentions of resetting our maps, if a tribe hasn't returned to our server in a long time, we reserve the right to remove your tribe structures. We will attempt to contact you via Discord prior to clean up, to give you the option of staying.
If you intend to be gone for a prolonged period of time, please let KatKilmowski know.
If a tribe announces that they are leaving, we reserve the right to remove their tribe structures immediately.
Otherwise, if a tribe hasn't been back in 30-60 days, we reserve the right to remove their entire tribe structures and tribe.
The number of days depends on how detailed the builds are and when we get around to it.

Step 6 - Harvesting with Tames

Please do not harvest with tames on busy maps. These are builder servers and so if the lag gets too great, the map will crash and players will lose their building progress. If you wish to harvest with a tame, use a tek transmitter or obelisk to go to a map that is rarely used such as Scorched Earth or The Island.
Check and see if a player is on those maps first.
Go here and see how many players are on what maps:

Step 7 - Dino Tracker and Death Recovery the Awesome Way

At the starter kit or safe auction house areas.
1. Go to the unlocked vault.
2. Get a teleport pad, get a dino tracker, get a bunch of teleporter remotes.
3. Keep a remote on your body at all times.
4. Keep extras near your bed.
5. Put a dino tracker in your bird's inventory, then press Consume.
1. Go to your bed.
2. Go to your teleport pad.
3. E and recover corpse.
4. Right click remote control.
5. Retrieve your dino.

To avoid losing your dinos...

I can't fix this for you.
When unclaiming a dino to give it to someone else ALWAYS REMOVE THE DINO TRACKER! If you do not, it will be worthless! Once they claim it with a dino tracker on, they can't even unclaim it. You can't see the inventory, you can't ride it, it's just a paperweight!
When joining another tribe - REMOVE ALL DINO TRACKERS - merge tribes instead of joining or unclaim your dinos first! I do not know what happens on a merge if you still have dino trackers on your dinos. I think they are tied to the old tribe. Let me know if you know.

Step 8 - Place a Public Teleporter at Your Base

Put down a teleporter at your new base and set it to public. Keep your doors unlocked, because we're an open community allowing others to ooh and ahhh at our builds and enjoy their builds. Do NOT place teleport pads around the map unless you have permission. You may place one at trophy sites with the name of the trophy and public.

There is no expectation of privacy. ;)

Step 10 - Read our Building Rules

- Every tribe will be provided with an Awesome Teleporter for their base. Every base must have one open to the public for visiting.
- Our site is all about showing off your amazing builds and community.
- All maps will have your own base challenge as well as specific community challenges. We will mark the community challenge areas. Please do not build your main base within view or near these areas -- we need room for the challenge areas to grow for new users.
- On all maps, keep your distance from other's base builds to avoid lag as well as disputes. Don't build nearer than your view distance and then some. Scout the territory before laying foundations.
- Keep your building's height, width and depth reasonable. Build on different areas or maps rather than one monstrous lag structure.
- Do NOT build to block waterways, resource rich areas or cave entrances to artifacts or explorer notes--your base will be taken down.
- Do NOT build outside the ARK world barrier boundary bubbles: whether under a crack in a cave, or building above the sky bubble.
- If players are complaining of consistent lag around your base, stop growing and build outposts instead. If it gets so bad I have to intervene, I will start zapping down walls.
- If you feel an Awesome Teleporter should be someplace, let the admin know, instead of having beds everywhere -- those will be zapped.

Your Base

- Players may build a base on every map. Be creative! Build your base away from the Challenge Areas.
- Typically when building on another map where you don't have your main base, you may use your challenge build as a base -- to keep your vaults and things -- just don't let it get huge and have dinos sitting outside like you would a base.

Step 11 - Participate in Building Challenges - Get Rewards

- See some of our member's existing Challenges - Ally with other tribes on every map so that we can build near one another in the designated challenge areas.
- Every map will have specific challenges. These will be announced in a discord channel.
- We believe in Quality, not Quantity. Quality players and quality builds. Not a mass of players or massive structures.
- We welcome Youtubers and Streamers.
- What's in it for you? Once you complete a challenge, contact KatKilmowski or StarrDuskk to judge your base or challenge build. The vault is full of random stacks of things like ascendant armor, weapons, saddles, black pearls, elements, etc. See judging criteria below which determines how many ascendant items you can earn: Up to 6 per build.

Base and Challenge Considerations

To make the best of your challenge, make sure each build takes these into consideration:
- Creative Interior & Exterior
- Interior & Exterior Furnishings & Decorations
- Interior & Exterior Lighting
- Use Photos to Inspire you: The more you try to reproduce a photo, you'll see areas to build that you might not have thought of. Like gables, chimneys, side buildings, windows.
- Use live animals placed properly
- Tree, Garden & Lawn Landscaping
- Consider the view from above when flying over

Challenge Ideas

Challenges can be whimsical, fantastical, or realistic. See the active Challenges in Discord!
- Modern Beach House
- English Cottage and Gardens
- Asian-Style Building - East Asian: Japanese, Chinese, Korean
- Robin Hood Tree House in the redwoods
- Old Tyme Market.
- Picture Perfect - Submit a photo of a real building and reproduce it as nearly as possible.
- Sky Art - Make a beautiful or whimsical pattern when flying over the top.

Step 12 - Use the Auction House for Global trade

There is an Auction house on all Arkitek maps within the cluster. One of the fastest ways to progress as a new player and secure resources is to buy/sell dinosaurs and equipment. Using a teleporter or remote, search for "Auction" to find the AH.

The AH allows you to create, bid on, and purchase auctions for items, weapons, blueprints, skins, dinos, etc, from players on our maps or players on other servers that use this mod. Modded items and dinos are supported!

The Auction house is split into 4 different parts.
1. The Auctioneer - buy and sell materials.
2. The Monkey Mail Box - claim auction purchases.
3. The Stockman - buy and sell dinos.
4. The Transporter Pad - upload dinos to sell or download purchased dinos.

Note: The Auction House is interconnected with all servers worldwide that use this mod, so you are selling/buying your items worldwide.

Listing your items will cost a fee based on your item's list price.

To buy an item or dino - Approach the Auctioneer or Stockman. The interface is very simple to use. Click on the item you want while you have the correct amount of resources displayed on the right in your inventory and click buy. Once the item is bought it is mailed to the little mailbox monkey on top of the box. Click on him to claim it.

Claimed items will load in your inventory. Make sure you have room and weight to claim them. You may need to bring a dino if you can't carry the weight.

Claimed dinosaurs will spawn on the teleportation pad. Aquatic Dinosaurs are bought the same way, but you must use the underwater auction. The deep water auction house is for bigger aquatic beasts such as squids. Make sure to bring a saddle to take your dino home. Use a remote to take the dino back to your base. If it is a water dino, make sure you have a water pen to teleport your dino back to. Make sure to have a teleporter pad in your dino water pen so you can teleport them back safely.

To sell a dinosaur – Put the dinosaur you want to sell on the transporter pad. Approach the Stockman Megapithecus with the builder’s hat and press create an auction. This will take you to the next step and once you fill in all the completed information you will have successfully listed the dinosaur on the auction.

Buy/sell equipment – Approach the Auctioneer Megapithecus and buy equipment the same way you would a dinosaur. Once it is bought it is mailed to the monkey. Claim it and it will be sent into the inventory box that the monkey is sitting on. To sell your equipment you simply need to have it in your inventory.

Step 13 - Join Our Discord

Step 14 - Steam Add a Server to Favorites

In steam, go to the View > Servers menu.
Click the Favorites Tab
Click "Add a Server" button at the bottom right.
Click Add Server to Favorites
Add these addresses:
Crystal Isles:
Scorched Earth:


Aberration - Flyers & Dino transfers allowed. Safe House with Unlocked Tek Transmitter.
Crystal Isles
Scorched Earth
Event Server (Center map)

Step 15 - Read these other important things

We do NOT allow use of the Airship, Hot Air Balloon, or Advanced Galleon. Do not make them. They will be destroyed.
Put an Awesome Teleporter Dino Tracker on your dino and you can take your birds into Boss Fights.
Friendly Fire is turned OFF on these maps -- so use the S+ Euthanasia Gun to kill your dinos and collect resources.

Step 16 - Problems with Mods?

Join the mod author's discord (many join links are below) and report it yourself.
Tell them the mod name (if they have more than one mod, which some do)
The mod item that is causing the trouble.
The circumstances when the problem occurs.
A screenshot if it is appropriate.
That it is an Unofficial Dedicated Cluster server.
What map you are on when the problem occurs.
What you have done to try to fix it. (Such as picking up the item and placing it back down.)

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