Step 1 - Subscribe to our PVP Mods

- Subscribe to Our PVP Mods - After subscribing, load Steam > Ark play - without going to a connection. While it's loading (and it may appear to be hung up, but be patient), read all the information below.

Step 2 - Join Our PVP Discord

PVP Discord:

Step 3 - Discord and Game Server Rules

- This is a family-friendly website. Vulgar Player or Steam names in Discord or ARK are not allowed. Don't apply with one.
- Please send comments via our Discord channels, rather than private messaging admins.
- No hacking or cheating (bots, etc.)
- No swearing, spamming, perversion, racism, sexism, sexual discussions, talk of suicide, or religious arguments. This includes in discord or game text or voice chats.
- Keep discussions wholesome, upbeat and positive. Be mature.
- We do not replace lost or damaged items. ARK is buggy, it crashes, it's gone -- whether pets or items. Uploads to the obelisk have a 4 hour timer on the PVP maps.
- No whining. No drama.
- No demanding changes or asking admins to spawn in items or dinos.
- You must use the same ONE player on all maps of a cluster, using the cluster to traverse maps, not logging in directly.
- To avoid lag, use the Kibble Table rather than Kibble Farms. Kibble Farms are not allowed.
- Do NOT build to block waterways, resource rich areas or cave entrances to artifacts or explorer notes--your base will be taken down.
- Do NOT build outside the ARK world barrier boundary bubbles: whether under a crack in a cave, or building above the sky bubble.
- If players are complaining of consistent lag around your base, stop growing and build outposts instead. If it gets so bad I have to intervene, I will start zapping down walls.

Step 4 - Absolutely NO Auto-Breeding Allowed

Auto-breeding is where you leave your tames on wander to breed unsupervised. Admins will zap your wandering tames and your claimable babies, or send any willing PVP tribe to kill them. Admins may just destroy your entire base/tames everything if you have been gone and left your tames on auto-breeding. We consider this griefing! This super lags the server and kicks people out of the game flying in that area of the map. When it gets a few days into it, it crashes the entire server.

Step 5 - Create a Tribe

You MUST create or join a tribe. Use "I" to create your own tribe if you want to play alone. If you intend to find a tribe, still create your own tribe and merge it later.

If you haven't created a tribe and we find you, you and your things will be destroyed.

Step 6 - PVP Map Rules

- No Kibble Farms - use the table.
- No Auto-breeding!
- No turrets or defenses around obelisks that would prohibit or injure other players from being able to use the obelisks.
- Please do not harvest with tames on busy maps. Check and see if players are on the maps first. Go here and see how many players are on what maps:

Step 7 - PVP Date Stamp Rules

1. When joining you MUST create a tribe and put the tribe create date stamp in your tribe name, such as: SEP04_18. You then have TWO weeks to build a base and go PVP. Once your two weeks are up or you are ready to PVP, you may change the date stamp to PVP. If you get raided, you can put in a new date stamp to build up again. If it is longer than 2 weeks and your date hasn't been removed, you are still PVP.
2. You must have the same tribe and name on all maps.
3. If you leave tames not on passive outside your base area, be aware players may kill them to defend themselves.
4. You may not add a date stamp after attacking to avoid retaliation, but you may add a date stamp after being wiped so you can build up again.
6. No foundation wipes or killing passive tames. Attacks should be fun and invigorating for both raider and raidee.
7. If PVP tribe lives in an allied tribe's PVE base, that base can be attacked -- I consider that cheating. I will sick my watch dogs on them.

Step 8 - PVP Cluster Connections

BLAM PVP The Island
BLAM PVP Ragnarok