Arkiteks Ark Survival Evolved

Center PVP Event Server - Everyone logs in naked at level 1. Supplies provided. | steam://connect/
Arkiteks Parachute-Drop / Parkour Challenge!
• Create your new character and spawn at the southern tropical horseshoe island.
• Players will spawn into the server naked at level 1.
• Travel along the beach until you find a teleporter pad. Teleport to the Para-Parkour Event.
• Everyone will have to join the Arkiteks tribe so that you can set down a sleeping bag at the checkpoints.
• Get a parachute and sleeping bag from the vault at each check point. Put the sleeping bag down at each check point and rename it to the # of the checkpoint, so if you die you can TP back to the last bag.
• The orange and black tiles are the regular course. They can be hard-core. The green tiles allow an easier route. For a real challenge, only aim for the orange and black tiles.
• There are 6 Checkpoints in the Parkour course. You must make your way to all of the Checkpoints. At the end, to determine the winner, I will check that you have a sleeping bag at all 6 checkpoints.
• During the course, there are places where you can only make your way to the next tile by using your parachute. These are called Parachute Drops.
• After you make your way to the end of the course, you will parachute down toward the Arena.
• Winner: The winner is determined by the first person to drop, alive, into the arena. If you land in the water, you have to jump out of the water onto the ground. I will check that every checkpoint has your sleeping bag. If you are missing a bag at a checkpoint, we will check the second place winner.

StarrDuskk built this parkour challenge.
PVP Arena Event
• Each tribe consists of up to 5 players. Teams create a tribe named either "Red" or "Blue"
• Beds are provided for respawns. Place several beds on the beach and use the teleporter to go to your tribe's starter room.
• The starter room has weapons and armor for tribe members. Supplies are provided to dye your armor and your hair if you want.
• There are 7 red chests and 7 blue chests. Each team must go through the obstacle course of fire, spitters, water traps, piranhas, sharks, parkour, terror birds, and more to make their way to their chest. Take the token out of your chest and put it in your team's trophy box by your room.
• The team who gets all their tokens first wins. If any tokens get lost or despawned, the team with the most tokens wins.
• Leave things on the dead bodies because there is plenty in your tribe's room.
• You may NOT go near the other team's trophy box or doors. You are not allowed on the red floors surrounding the team's starter room.
• You may not camp inside your team's entry room. You must be participating.
• We will not stall the game for those who disconnect or have other game problems. Once the match has started, it will proceed whether you are having problems or not.
• Winners may select an ascendant item of their choice delivered to any PVE map.