PVP Cluster

PVP Main Base Builder Map - WIPES 30-60 DAYS

Resource Maps - Do Not Build a Base Here.

  • Can I build here?
    Main base, no. Outpost buildings, yes. You may build taming pens, bed boxes, etc., but do not build your main base here. These maps are only up for 24-48 hours to do Boss Fights and Gather Resources. Any base building on this map will be lost after the map is taken down!
  • My body got stuck there:
    These maps will be available on the cluster on designated days. If you lose your internet and the map gets taken down with your body on it, contact StarrDuskk and she will load up the map so you can log in directly and move to another map. This will be at her convenience, so don't leave your body online! We give plenty of opportunity to remove it.