All rules are subject to change.

Chat and Behavior Rules

  • This is a family-friendly website. Children at Play.
  • Vulgar Player, Tribe or Steam names in Ark or Discord are not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, sexual verbiage -- explicit or inuendo, and genitalia or other body parts that are not appropriate for a family-friendly atmosphere.
  • We prefer your Discord and Game name be the same. We can change your name if accidentally Human.
  • No swearing, spamming, perversion, racism, sexism, sexual discussions, talk of suicide, or religious arguments. This includes in discord or game text or voice chats.
  • Keep discussions wholesome, upbeat and positive. Be mature.
  • No whining. No drama.
  • We do not replace lost or damaged items. ARK is buggy, it crashes, it's gone -- whether pets or items.
  • If someone is being disgusting or vulgar to you in private messages, we'd rather get rid of them than to lose you. Use our Discord and share screenshots of the messages and we will confront them, and remove them!
  • No demanding changes or asking admins to spawn in items or dinos.
  • Please don't talk about or direct our players to other servers or discords.

In-Game Rules

  • Taming Traps not at your base, should be removed when you are done.
  • No Kibble Farms (we sell Kibble on the Shop) or Auto Breeding. Use Hatchery, Splus Nanny or Dino Storage Mod.
  • Use Cryoballs or our Dino Storage Mod for storing your excess dinos.
  • No Building in Artifact caves, drop caves, or blocking loot drops--your base will be admin wiped.
  • Do NOT build to block spawn points, waterways, resource rich areas or cave entrances to artifacts or explorer notes--your base will be admin wiped.
  • No hacking or cheating (bots, etc.)
  • Alt Characters are allowed.
  • AFK for points is allowed. Be sure to strip naked and sit in a chair or tek bed. Remove armor and inventory in case you die, you don't want to lose it. We reboot every morning between 3-4 AM Central.

Player and Tribe Names

  • These suggestions/rules apply if you're not traveling with the Arkonauts. The Arkonauts are our band of warriors who travel the maps with minimum tools in order to work their way through the storyline of each map. They will all be in the same tribe and new players are welcome to join them. See the Arkonauts discord channel for details.

  • Use the same ONE player on all maps of a cluster, using the cluster to traverse maps, not logging in directly.
  • Please try to use the same Player name and Tribe name on all maps.
  • You MUST create or join a tribe. Use "I" to create your own tribe if you want to play alone. If you intend to find a tribe, still create your own tribe and merge it later.
  • Existing Players: We highly recommend once you've setup your base and dinos, you do not randomly accept new players into your tribe due to the potential of griefers who just want to ruin your hard work.
  • New Players: Due to this experience, most of our existing players will not tribe up with new players. So just play the game, create your own tribe, and our friendly helpful community will help you with dinos and things, just ask for help and you'll be surprised how much free stuff people are willing to help you with. Plus we have our in game points SHOP to buy necessities such as water and jerky. Once you've proven yourself a friendly person, you may then be invited to merge into an existing tribe. Be SURE to MERGE, not JOIN, or you will lose all of your Tribe stuff, dinos, builds, etc. MERGE.

NO Auto-Breeding

  • Auto-breeding is a bannable offense.
  • Do NOT leave tames on wander to breed unsupervised. We consider this griefing!
  • This can super lag and crash the server, kicking people out of the game flying in that area of the map.
  • Use Cryoballs, Hatchery, Splus Nanny or Dino Storage Mod.

PVPvE Rules for our Center Map

  • Caustic, Rude, Trollish behavior will not be tolerated.
  • Build your best base. Set up defenses. Change to /pvp and invite others to Raid you. But be a good sport and have fun! :)
  • All participating players must also change to /pvp to attack your base.
  • Perhaps setup some valuable loot in the base as a prize. Or just let them know it's to test your defenses.
  • Decide up front what the max level dino is that can be brought to the raid, considering you can purchase level 1200 dinos at the shop.
  • Some players will raid a base. C4 the Vault and return the items they don't want or need to the original tribe. Consider that. Makes for a nicer PVP experience.
  • Please don't be a jerk and foundation wipe. We're here for fun, not depression. Not going to make this a rule, because I don't want to have to babysit. Just be nice.
  • No building or attacking under the mesh--we use an Anti-Mesh plugin that will report cheaters.
  • No turrets or defenses around obelisks that would prohibit or injure other players from being able to use the obelisks.
  • If you dare: We encourage setting up your base and inviting other tribes out to raid you while everyone is in Discord Voice chat. If you want to make it an event, let me know and I'll announce it to @everyone!
  • After the raid use /pve to change back to PVE and rebuild.