PVE and PVP Plugins

Shop Currency & Kits
Random Dino Colors
Shop Rewards & Stats
  • Points for killing dinosaurs. No loss on deaths.
  • /mystats - shows player stats.
  • /stats player
  • /stats dino
  • Player kill rewards turned off due to abuse.
  • A lottery will be announced once every two hours.
  • Type /lottery to purchase a ticket to the current running lottery for 25 points.
  • The lottery will run for 5 minutes.
  • It requires a minimum of 2 players to proceed.
  • Winner will receive 95% of all points in the pool.

PVP Plugins

Bye Bye Corrupted
  • Prevents Corrupted dinos from doing structure damage.
Mesh Police
  • Sends a message to the admin if you build under the mesh.
  • Optionally can display alerts to the entire server.
LootBoxes and Quests
  • /boxes - This displays the current amount of lootboxes.
  • /open boxname - This allows you to open the correct loot box name you enter as shown in /boxes
  • /gamble boxname - This will spend "X" amount of points to gamble to win that loot box.
  • /gtrade boxname boxamount traderID - This allows you to trade lootboxes with other allies/players/friends.
  • /id - This generates a unique ID registered to your account that is used for trading.
New Player Protection
  • 72 hours of new player, dino, and structure protection.
  • /ptinfo - This displays in-game stats for the player protection plugin.
  • /ptl - This displays how much time of player protection you or your tribe have active.
  • /ptloff - This allows you to disable/remove your player protection.
Offline Raid Protection
  • Protects player, dino, and structures from player attacks. Not from turrets.
  • Offline Damage received 25%.
  • Offline Turret Damage Defense: 3x modifier
  • 72 hour offline Protection until considered abandoned. Log in to reactivate.
  • ORP Activation after Log Out: 1 minute if no battle within 15 minutes, otherwise 10 minutes.
  • If you merge or ally with an unprotected tribe, you will lose your protection immediately.
Dino Passive Protection
For passive dinos to be protected, take note of these requirements:
  • !dpp status - Gives the player a notification with their dino's DPP status and lists one reason why if not protected
  • Dino Must be on Passive
  • Dino Must be Riderless
  • Dino Can't have Inventory
  • Inventory Allowed: Berry, Veggie, Meat, Mushroom, Mutton, Lambchops, Wyvern Milk, Veggie Cake, Snail Paste, Squid Oil, Fertilizer
  • Dino can't wear Saddle
  • Dino can't be on Follow
  • Minimum Health Percentage: 90%
  • Dino Must Not Be Near an Enemy Foundation: 15 distance
  • Turret Mode Must Be Turned Off
  • Protect Baby Dino: True
  • Dismount Timer: 60 seconds
  • Non-Protected Dinos: Giga, Rex
  • Admin: cheat DPP.Reload / RCON: DPP.Reload
Admin Shop Commands:
ArkShop.Reload - Reloads a config file.
'AddPoints <steamid> <Amount> - Adds points to the player.
'SetPoints <SteamID> <Amount>- Changes player's points amount.
'GetPlayerPoints <SteamID> - Prints how many points player has.
'ChangePoints <SteamID> <Amount> - Adds or decreases points amount. This command will add points to the current amount. Entered amount number can be negative.

' command line only:
'ResetPoints - Resets points for all players.