TWO CLUSTERS! Builders, Breeders, Raiders! - PVE or PVPvE

Always stuck in PVE because your partner wants to build a nice base with landscaping and all you want to do Raid? Join us on our new
PVPvE Cluster with Boosted Rates! PVP All the Time or Invite Players to take on your separate Raidable Base! Set /pve or /pvp at any time!

Meet SkyRyder and ArkNemesiss!
Meet AwesomeMo and Jackal!
Meet CrazyQuad and Zeu!
Meet Toto and Dorothy!
  • Boosted Rates, Cross-Ark and Discord Chat
  • Point Shop, Dino Colors, Starter Kit, Lottery
  • Discord & Servers at
Our Mods
  • StackMeMore
  • Super Structures
  • Utilities Plus
  • Speed Saddles
  • Awesome Spyglass
  • Awesome Teleporters
  • Bunnh's Natural Scenery
  • Castle, Keeps and Forts
  • Advanced Rafts
  • Dino Storage
  • Medieval Tavern
  • Pimp My Building Parts
  • Pimp My Home
  • Platforms Plus
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