Chat and Behavior Rules

  • This is a family-friendly website. Children at Play.
  • Vulgar Player, Tribe or Steam names in Ark or Discord are not allowed. Please do not use 123 or Human. Be unique. We can change your name for you if you used Human by accident. We prefer your Discord and Game name be the same.
  • No swearing, spamming, perversion, racism, sexism, sexual discussions, talk of suicide, or religious arguments. This includes in discord or game text or voice chats.
  • Keep discussions wholesome, upbeat and positive. Be mature.
  • No whining. No drama.
  • We do not replace lost or damaged items. ARK is buggy, it crashes, it's gone -- whether pets or items.
  • If someone is being disgusting or vulgar to you in private messages, we'd rather get rid of them than to lose you. Use our Discord Support and share screenshots of the messages and we will remove them!
  • No demanding changes or asking admins to spawn in items or dinos.
  • If you have suggestions, please use our Discord Support and we will consider them for our next season.