PVP Player Structure Protection

  • Protection is for ALL PVP MAPS on the cluster.
  • New Player's Structures are protected for 7 days. You may turn it off early with /pveoff in the chat window.
  • While protected, no one may attack your tribe structures.
  • While protected, you may not attack other tribe's structures.

PVP Raided Tribe Protection

  • Tribes have the option of only being raided once per week.
  • If you have been raided you may contact support via our discord #support-channel within 1-hour to 48-hours after the raid. Report:
    - Your Tribe Name
    - Raiding Tribe Name
    - Map Name
    - Coordinates of your Base
    - Date of Raid
    - Roughly Describe the Raid
  • We will check the logs to confirm a raid. If so, you will be granted Raided Tribe Structure Protection for 7 Days.
  • I'm not here to police the intensity of a raid. So to keep it simple, here is what I will use to determine a raid qualifying for 7 days protection. Any of the below:
    - A Vault is Destroyed
    - A dinosaur is Destroyed
    - A building structure such as foundation, wall, ceiling, door, gate is destroyed.
    - This does not count a small raidable base you may have created for an event.
  • If you have raided another tribe since your raid, you will not qualify for raid protection.

Player Commands

  • /pveoff - Ready to Raid? Tribe Leaders can disable their tribe protection.
  • /pveupdate
  • /pvestatus - check remaining time
  • /pveteams

Admin Commands

Arkon: (no cheat) - Player must be online
  • Pve.time Add <steamID> <Hours>
    This will add pve time to the player/time, if the tribe has 1 hours and you add 2 hours they will have 3 hours.
  • Pve.time Set <steamID> <Hours>
    This will set the player/tribe pve time to <Hours> defined, if a tribe has 24 hours and you set their time to 2 hours, then they will lose 22 hours.
  • Pve.set <steamID> <0 or 1 >
    Add a player/tribe to pve for ever, can also use to remove the protection after using Pve.time set.

Load and Unload the plugin

  • In game: To reload the plugin config without restarting your server use :