PVP Base Raids for Fun!

  • Players/Tribes will create a raidable base or hidden base.
  • Place loot and goodies in the base.
  • Put signs up around your base indicating that it is not yet ready to raid.
  • When done, make an announcement in the Discord PVP Raid channel. Remove your signs.
  • If hidden, give riddles or clues as to where to find it, at least once a week.
  • Raiders: Take screenshots while raiding. Post images in the PVP Raid channel and/or Showoff.
  • Raiders: Announce in the PVP Raid Channel that you found the base so others may stop searching.
  • BASE BUILDERS: If you would like to create a huge Event Base to raid and get a larger group out to raid it together, let us know and we can plan accordingly.


  • You may have your main base on the PVP maps. Most don't.
  • No hacking or cheating (bots, etc.)
  • Uploads to the obelisk have a 4 hour timer on the PVP maps.
  • No Kibble Farms (we sell Kibble on the Shop) or Auto Breeding. Use Hatchery & Splus Nanny.
  • No Building in Artifact caves, drop caves, or blocking loot drops--your base will be admin wiped.
  • Do NOT build to block spawn points, waterways, resource rich areas or cave entrances to artifacts or explorer notes--your base will be admin wiped.
  • No building or attacking under the mesh.
  • No turrets or defenses around obelisks that would prohibit or injure other players from being able to use the obelisks.