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Noeka $20.50 July 06, 2019
Mabdelba $20.00 June 30, 2019

Our Outgoing Expenses and Donations Made To Others

Amount Description
$139.99 Monthly Server Hosting
One-Time Donations Or Purchases
$11.89 Wooly Solutions - Spawn Overrider Plugin
$100.00 Dragon Coding - Donation - Server Setup Assistance
$50.00 Dragon Coding - Donation- Server Setup Assistance
$50.00 Миронова Наталья - Plug in Manager Donation
$42.00 GameServerStats Advertising Expense
$25.26 Sparc Commander Donation
$25.00 Crazy Zen Games Mod Donation
$25.00 Structures Plus Mod - Ark Modding Donation
$25.00 Ark Server Manager Donation
$25.00 Blitzfire Utilities Plus Mod Donation
$24.78 Castles, Keeps and Forts Mod Donation
$23.00 PVP Protection Plugin Purchase
$20.61 Awesome Teleporter Mod Donation
$20.00 GameServerStats Advertising Expense
$19.99 Advertising Expense
$19.99 Advertising Expense
$15.00 Agito Auto-Decay Plugin Donation
$18.40 Offline Raid Protection Plugin Purchase
$25.00 Ghazlawl Mods 1st Time Donation
$25.00 Ghazlawl Mods 2nd Time Donation
$25.00 ArtTales-LEFTZ Mods Donation